If you have a deferred pension in either the
C & J Clark Pension Fund or the Clarks Flexible Pension Scheme, the following benefits are payable on retirement:

C & J Clark Pension Fund - Plan 18

You Plan 18 Account will be used to provide a pension from the Fund, or alternatively you can exercise an open market option and transfer the value of your Account to an alternative provider.

C & J Clark Pension Fund - Plan 35

Your deferred pension, based on your Final Pensionable Pay and Pensionable Service when you left the Fund, will be payable when you reach 65 or at any time from age 55 with the consent of the Trustees. If you retire between 55 and 65, your pension will be reduced to take account of the fact that you are likely to be drawing your pension over a longer period.

Clarks Flexible Pension Scheme - Investment Related Section

Your Pension Account will be used to buy an annuity for you from the insurance company of your choice.

Clarks Flexible Pension Scheme - Pay Related Section

Your deferred pension (calculated at date of leaving the Scheme, together with any annual increases that were awarded) will be payable. Instead of receiving a pension from the Scheme, you may, if you wish, use the value of your benefits in this section to buy an annuity from the insurance company of your choice. If you exercise this option, you will be able to decide what pension increases and death benefits you wish to include.

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