The Trustees

Our pension schemes are set up as 'trusts'. A trust holds money on behalf of a group of people - in this case, the members of each pension scheme. The Company is not allowed to access this money.

The people who look after the money that is paid into the pension schemes are the Trustees. With the support of professional advisers, the Trustees ensure the smooth running of the pension scheme and oversee the day-to-day administration.

C & J Clark Pension Fund

The Trustee of the C & J Clark Pension Fund is a not-for-profit company called C & J Clark Pension Fund Trustees Limited. The current directors, who have a legal duty to act in the best interest of the Fund’s members, are:

Libby Edwards (Chairman)
Peter Drew (Company Appointed Trustee Director)
John Hough (Independent Director)
Deirdre Kane (Member Nominated Trustee Director)
Mike Metcalfe (Member Nominated Trustee Director)
Andrew Mundy
Andrew Watson (Member Nominated Trustee Director)
Richard Forde

Clarks Flexible Pension Scheme

The Clarks Flexible Pension Scheme is looked after by five Trustee Directors, who have a legal duty to act in the best interests of the Scheme’s members.

Libby Edwards (Chairman)  
Ken Everett (Member Nominated Trustee Director)
Peter Drew (Company Nominated Trustee Director)
Neville Gillibrand (Company Nominated Trustee Director)
Jackie Amos (Member Nominated Trustee Director)
Richard Shave (Company Nominated Trustee Director)

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